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Agriculture Insight

Tom Vilsack Secretary of Agriculture message on the importance of rural America. He talks about where most of our food comes from and the role water, and energy plays. Secretary Vilsack shares how we should have a value system that cares about the land and value what the land gives to us, and we need to give back to the land, care for it and nurture the soil. Rural America needs to have the respect it deserves as it deals with problems and conflicts within Agriculture. Secretary Vilsack goes on to say that every one of us who is not a farmer, depends on farmer. Less than 1/10 of 1% of America are farmers growing and providing American and the world with fresh food. This allows the rest of the country to be free to do whatever they want, to become doctors, lawyers, teachers, business people because you do not have to grow your own food. Farmers do that work for us and make sure grocery stores have food for us when we decide to shop. The bottom line is, we do not show value and appreciation to farmers, we don’t celebrate farmers enough Secretary points out clearly in his You Tube message.

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