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AgKnowledge is a 9 month executive course that gives local community leaders a unique, hands-on experience to see the inner working of the agriculture industry. Now entering it’s 16th year!

Ag Against Hunger

A community-based program that organizes and partners with local growers and shippers to bring volunteers out to Glean the fields and deliver the produce to local Food Banks. We are proud to celebrate the Ag Woman of the Year Award annually and the Produce Mascot Race at the Rodeo.

Ag Jobs: Bringing a Greater Vision

The 17th Annual Ag Jobs: Bringing a Greater Vision 2023 themed “Innovation in Ag: The Future is Now!” Featured Artificial Intelligence in Ag and Skills needed for Ag Jobs. Over 300 students attended with a Career & Internship Fair that followed. Proud to partner with CSUMB College of Business and College of Science and local Community Colleges.

More Produce in Schools

We provided 90 salad bars and worked with local food service directors to help find effective solutions to getting more fresh produce in our schools.

Grower-Shipper Foundation

The people who have dedicated their lives to providing healthy and nutritious food to the world are a unique bunch. In an industry of ever-changing technology and sophistication, their word is still their bond. They are generous, and they sincerely care about the quality of their products and services.

Through this commitment to excellence and anchored in heartfelt charity and concern for others, Grower Shipper Association Foundation was formed in 2003.

Our Mission

Raising community awareness of the positive impact agriculture makes in our lives.

What we do: Educate, Inspire, Impact

The produce grown in our community touches the lives of virtually everyone living here as well as millions of people across the nation and throughout the world. The Grower Shipper Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides education and information on the agriculture industry as well as offering innovative programs to our community.

We believe better decisions and policies will come from a public and community leadership that is better informed as to issues faced by the ag industry combined with an understanding as to how the industry really works.

We share a deep commitment to our communities and want to give back to all who have been so supportive of our industry. We offer leadership programs, ag jobs forums, gleaning with volunteers and community events.

What we’ve accomplished

Education is of primary importance to our mission; since agriculture is a complex and diverse industry, we realize that it must be deeply understood rather than casually presented. We are proud of what we have and know that we can achieve and will continue to accomplish even more in the future.

  • Conducted Fifteen AgKnowledge Classes with 22 Fellows attending a comprehensive 9 month course [331 students to date]
  • Held Seventeen Ag Jobs: Bringing a Greater Vision Forums attended by over 350 community leaders, students and actively involved residents each year. Career & Internship Fair follows the event
  • Placed 90 salad bars, in partnership with United Fresh Start Foundation, in local schools throughout Monterey, Santa Cruz and San Benito Counties and conducted training to food service personnel on the care and use of the salad bars.
  • Coordinated over 100,000 USDA Farmers to Families Food Boxes to local Ag workers.
  • Held “gleaning” events with volunteers
  • Host the Ag Woman of the Year Event – see 2023 Event video below

Thank you to Governor’s Cup Foundation

Grateful to David Sanders, Chairman of the Governor’s Cup Foundation and Nick Franscioni of Roar Wines for selecting the Grower-Shipper Foundation as one of their charitable recipients of their event in July.

Amy Oliver, Lisa Dobbins and Lorri Koster

Thank you to the Grower-Shipper Association

Grateful to the Grower-Shipper Association for making the Grower-Shipper Foundation the non-profit recipient of their “Inspiring Ladies” event at Corral de Tierra in June.

Thank you to California Rodeo Salinas

Grateful to the California Rodeo Salinas for support for the Ag Against Hunger program by including the Grower-Shipper Foundation in the always fun Produce Mascot Race. Congrats to Church Brothers for winning the buckle in 2023 which was sponsored by Ag Land Trust.

Watch highlights of the 2023 Ag Woman of the Year Event.