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A Greater Vision

The Greater Vision Program, launched in 2006, as a conference series supported by California State University, Monterey Bay, and the Central Coast Ag Task Force.

Each series addresses various issues that are important to agriculture and the larger community and is designed to inform the general public.

October 26, 2016 – at CSUMB Greater Vision addressed Labor and Technology. Agricultural production in the Salinas Valley and its environs directly added 11,374 jobs (27%) in the last four years reaching a direct farm employment figure of 53,702 in Monterey County.

The reality of artificially intelligent (AI) technology, many forms of which are already being integrated into the Salinas Valley, poses questions regarding the future of agricultural labor in the Valley as we know it. How will these developments in precision agriculture, software, robotics, bio-engineering and IOT impact the employment of workers and their livelihoods in the valley?

The mission of Greater Vision is to enhance our understanding of the practical issues and dilemmas that the Salinas Valley and the Monterey Bay region face as precision agriculture, robotics and the IOT increasingly become ubiquitous. The goal is to foster an informed dialog on these critical and transformational issues in the region among our students, faculty, community members and policy makers.

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greater vision program 2016

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Greater Vision 2015:

The Business of Healthy Eating: Your Mother Was Right
The Salinas Valley is growing the healthy eating solution to the public health problems of obesity, diabetes and heart disease – So why aren't these problems solved? This session will discuss the role of marketing in healthy eating and explore an area where the agriculture industry and public health are beginning to work together.


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